Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stranger Among Bears

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From Wikipedia: 
Stranger Among Bears is a television documentary about Charlie Vandergaw, an older gentleman who has lived in Alaska for decades and illegally fed grizzly and black bears for many of those years. It was popularly aired on the station Animal Planet. His association with the animals is cause to say he's removing the bears' reluctance to approach humans, which is a danger. Bears usually fear people as much as people fear bears. Familiarization is also a tool for allowing humans to spend time among bears. Cameraman Richard Terry went to Vandergaw's self-proclaimed bear sanctuary to film the goings-on and was encouraged to approach a female and her cub in order to gain their trust. For his trouble, he received a severe laceration to the lower leg by the mother. Vandergaw himself was once a bear-hunter and confesses he's killed many in his past. In the show, Vandergaw would touch, pet and even film the bears along the similar vein of deceased eco-warrior Timothy Treadwell, who was eventually killed and devoured by grizzlies.


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