Thursday, June 25, 2009

Salt of the Earth

Frazar Online Film Collection: Salt of the Earth

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Herbert Biberman's 1954 film, Salt of the Earth, has the distinction of being the only film to be blacklisted in the United States. From the Wikipedia article:

Salt of the Earth (1954) is an American drama film written by Michael Wilson, directed by Herbert J. Biberman (husband of Academy Award-winning actress Gale Sondergaard), and produced by Paul Jarrico. All had been blacklisted by the Hollywood establishment due to their involvement in socialist politics.[1]
The movie became a historical phenomenon and has a cult following due to how the United States establishment (politicians, journalists, studio executives, and other trade unions) dealt with the film. Salt of the Earth is one of the first pictures to advance the feminist social and political point of view.
The film centers around a long and difficult strike led by Mexican-American and Anglo miners against the Empire Zinc Company. The film shows how the miners, the company, and the police, react during the strike. In neorealist style the producers and director used actual miners and their families as actors in the film.

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